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Gordon Goodwin


By Nigeria Anderson

A Tribute To Ella Fitzgerald

Congratulations are in order to Gordon Goodwin and Patti Austin for their tribute album to the late great Ella Fitzgerald titled For Ella 2.  The album is up for three Grammy nominations at this year’s 66th Grammy presentation. Gordon Goodwin is a multi-Grammy and Emmy winning Composer/Arranger, Jazz veteran. He is best known for his legendary compositions, diversity and stage presence.  At the age of thirteen, Gordon Goodwin was introduced to the Count Basie Jazz Band by his teacher, the late Robin Synder.  Jazz music became his core listening pleasure.  He combines practice, and education to create his sound.  His influences are a combination of Mozart to Earth Wind & Fire. Gordon has the ability to remain authentic in his craft, always willing to expand and explore how far he can paint his colors in sound.  Teaming up with a pioneer Grammy Award-winning voice of R&B, pop and Jazz, Patti Austin, makes For Ella 2 a stellar project.  The album is a combination of a musical mind and a powerful voice with range.  Join us as Gordon Goodwin shares his excitement working with his friend Patti Austin and the Big Phat Band.

Gordon Goodwin’s instruments of choice are the piano and saxophone.  He is the founder of Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band.  An ensemble of great musicians, with ten albums in rotation.  His accolades include four Grammy Awards and three daytime Emmy AwardsGordon Goodwin’s passion led him right into his purpose.  It has not been easy, but he did not quit. His artistic journey boasts an impressive roster of other notables in the Jazz community.  Gordon does not hold back on what it takes to walk the tight line of sharing your musical prowess in an industry that does not understand its musical constructs.  We speak about the value of jazz as an important genre of music.  However, many have retired financially broke and  broken-hearted.  Hear Gordon Goodwin unlock the challenges, creative freedoms and where he thinks Jazz is headed in the future.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer, Gordon Goodwin, as we discuss his passionate and life-long commitment to Jazz.  You can connect with Gordon Goodwin https://www.bigphatband.com/  PUSH PLAY 


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