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Katrina KAT TAT Jackson


By Nigeria Anderson

Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire

Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson is a celebrity female Tattoo Artist owner of Enigma Studio in Beverly Hills, CA.  She returns to share an update on what’s new. Kat Tat is an incredible tattoo artist with a very impressive clientele. Kat attended the fine art of Super Bowl weekend with their 3rd annual Smocks and Jocks: Painting with the Pros. painting party with 18 active and former NFL players and local students in Atlanta, GA. Kat participated in Q&A with former NFL player Isaac Keys and tattoo artist Kevin Laroy. They discuss the Paint Your Path event which highlights the importance of finding purpose and pursuing your dreams with students from Booker T. Washington high school.  This is just another way of lending her talents to the community but there is more.

Tattoo artist, painter, entrepreneur, philanthropist, social media influencer and reality television star, Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson, is walking through new doors. Of course we have the 411.  We are always blessed as a media outlet for our KeyPlayers to share their new ventures and Kat Tat is truly making moves. In the midst of COVID-19 and we hope her story inspires you to keep going no matter what.  What God has for you, is for you and know it’s yours. It may delay but you cannot be denied when you are on purpose. So checkout our KeyPlayer Kat Tat and hear her share how she is staying focused. Stay connected with Kat on social media @kattatgirl on IG. Push Play 

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