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Latrice Pace


By Nigeria Anderson

Understanding God’s Unfailing Love

Latrice Pace is an extraordinary talent, seamlessly embodying the roles of singer-songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur.  Hailing from Atlanta’s renowned First Family of Gospel, The Anointed Pace Sisters, who are known and beloved as gospel royalty.  After a four-year hiatus, Latrice Pace has released her highly anticipated upcoming album, Exodus: The Journey to Obedience Part 2.  Her new single It’s Morning is her first release.  It is an upbeat song of encouragement, which is her signature sound.  Other songs from her album include; Mighty Warrior, Let’s Wash Feet and W.O.W, a women’s anthem.  Each song reminds us of our God’s identity and our responsibility to serve and love others. This new album will continue her musical odyssey and bring solace, joy, and faith to a world facing tumultuous times.  Latrice’s unwavering dedication to inspiring others and creating a legacy goes beyond the confines of a stage. 

Latrice Pace’s dynamic presence and remarkable versatility have propelled her to heights in the entertainment industry as an entrepreneur. She has devoted over 15 years to theater.  Currently, she is gracing the stage in the theater production of The Wiz in Atlanta, a must-see.  Inspired by her mentor, gospel songwriter and recording artist Donald Lawrence, she recognizes the significance of presenting herself as a legitimate and professional entity in all aspects of her life and business.  Leading her to establish L. Pace Entertainment, LLC.  Her company creates opportunities for performers in the arts and entertainment industry.  Latrice Pace continues her passion through writing songs and has authored books.  She penned the self-help workbook Be the Change and the inspirational guide Creating a Life of Consistency at Your Own Pace.  She imparts her wisdom through her thought-provoking works, empowering readers to embark on self-discovery and positive change.  She is a woman of worth. You are going to enjoy this interview. I promise you.  Welcome our new Key Player Latrice Pace.  You can connect with her at https://www.latricepace.com/  PUSH PLAY

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