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Miki Howard


By Nigeria Anderson

New Music MEHA

Singer/songwriter Miki Howard, daughter of well-known gospel singers the Caravans, has a new album release titled MEHAHoward is a lifelong artist who enjoys singing and performing.  Over the years, she has developed a devoted fanbase.  Which has followed her since the 80’s. When she released her signature song Love Under New ManagementMiki Howard’s voice draws you in, as she combines R&B, Soul and Jazz in that Miki kinda way.  MEHA doesn’t disappoint, singles like Throw It Away and Number One Fan confirm Miki’s spot as one of the best female singers of our time.  Miki Howard is currently setting dates to promote her album.  Make sure you catch one of her upcoming performances. Howard’s career spans over decades.  Over the years, she held spots on billboard charts and appeared in the movies Malcolm X and Poetic Justice.  I would be remiss if I did not celebrate and salute Miki Howard during Black History Month.


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