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Cappriccieo Scates


By Nigeria Anderson

Cappriccieo Scates On Understanding Your Music Value

Cappriccieo Scates is currently President/CEO of Mytrell Records a newly formed company as well as, author of 10 Steps to Successfully Managing Recording Artists and co-author of M.Y. Music M.Y. Business set to be released in 2014. He has a saying, Your floor is someone else’s ceiling. Always be appreciative for where you are, but never stop trying to reach the next floor. I have interviewed many executives and was excited to see a young executive filled with so much compassion regarding the state of music, understanding its true value and real concern of the artists. He has positioned himself to have the leverage needed to make an actual difference in the music industry. These are the attributes of a real Key Player.  Let’s start Black Music Month on the right note.


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