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Sherena Wynn


By Nigeria Anderson

A Woman With A Song

Sherena Wynn ranked as one of our great vocalists.  In her career, she has weighed in with some of the industry’s best.  Singing ballads, contemporary, jazz or pop.  You can’t pigeonhole Sherena Wynn, because of her strong vocals and ability to actually sing.  Sticking to the art form of singing memorable lyrics, with melody and grooves.  Wynn is a voice you can listen to all day.  She is a producer, writer, and vocal coach.  She is classy and sophisticated on stage at a time when some women have gone astray from elegance.  Moving from background singing to releasing her debut single, One Less Bell, a remake of The 5th Dimension hit is now available on all digital platforms.  Like most great professional singers, Wynn has made it her own, for all to enjoy.  Very few can sing a timeless hit song and give it new life. 


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