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By Nigeria Anderson

New EP Fearless (Fear-Less)

Samar Newsome is a soulful vocalist, fusion keyboardist, and diverse producer.  Studying formally at Westminster Choir College and growing up with local recording artists and church musicians in the city of Newark, NJ. Samar was guided musically under diverse tutelage.  He served as the music director at Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, NY, where he has worked closely with gospel recording artists like Bebe Winans, Israel Houghton and Darwin Hobbs.  Samar is currently working on his new EP, Fearless, featuring his debut single I Feel Good, which is quickly moving up the radio charts. Many of us have been reeling in our uncertain economy, with uncertainty if the vaccine protects against the new strain COVID threats. We should all feel grateful that we are still here to give thanks.  Samar Newsome has worked with a wide variety of artists.  I Feel Good was created to remind us not to falter in our faith.  A friendly reminder of how blessed we truly are as believers. 


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