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Ciara Carroll


By Nigeria Anderson

A Candid Conversation

There continues to be a pattern of violence across America and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.  Even the White House and its representatives have experienced it allegedly.  Here is a story I want to share about a young lady named Ciara Carroll.  She was allegedly raped during a March Madness All Star Weekend event which took place in Atlanta, GA.  This is not her trial, just her version of what took place back in 2021.  Ciara Carroll’s story is not unfamiliar when it comes to industry events.  However, if you are not a celebrity, your story may never reach the light of day.  We hope her story may be used as a warning to others.  Ciara Carroll is an aspiring recording artist and went to hangout with some friends.  After the party, many went to a recording studio to listen to music.  That’s when things changed for Ciara Carroll.  I want you to hear her story.  If this took place as she says, we hope she receives the justice she is seeking.


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