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By Nigeria Anderson

HypeThaKid DiD IT

Adesuwa Abulu (Nigerian) known as HypeThaKid took part in a contest by Swizz Beatz, since then her music is uncontested HypeThaKid is releasing an EP with producer BeatsByBK.  Their first single DiD has taken off on social media.  HypeThaKid came close to a win in Swizz Beatz contest but you might wonder why she didn’t.  DiD is a classic get hype and run to the dance floor and show us your footwork song.  HypeThaKid is no stranger to dancing, in fact that is how she became known.  It is only proper her latest single DiD will make you dance.  HypeThaKid future consists of bringing her Harlem and Nigerian roots together creating a HypeThaKid exclusive sound. I’s all about being authentic combining Afrobeats with Hip-hop to produce joy, light and love in her music.


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