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Kelly Wright


By Nigeria Anderson

New Album Free

Musical styles come and go, but there is always an inspirational song which sits in the harmony of our hearts.  It’s a melody within us which surfaces when we need it.  Kelly Wright is a singer-songwriter who wears many hats.  Recently he returned to his first love, music.  Wright’s new single, This Little Light, is a motivational song off his new album titled Free.  With the world in travail right now, affirmation of strength is what we need.  The war in Ukraine, the crisis in Haiti, the crisis in Ethiopia, racial divide and political division are at an all time high.  Wright’s song is not the answer to all the problems he sees going on, but it is a reminder to shine in the midst of dark times.  Kelly Wright strives to create a movement through his music that will encourage and bring out the champion in you.


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