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By Nigeria Anderson

Redefining Jewish Cuisine

Chef Yonatan Chaitchik is disrupting the food industry with his New York Monday pop-up Jewish cuisine.  Born in Israel, Chef Yonatan Chaitchik honed his craft in some of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv, starting for Chef Eyal Shani.  Studying at The Culinary Institute of America, working with Chef James Kent and Restaurateur Jeff KatzYonatan found his niche as a chef in New York.  Collaborating with other up and coming chefs, Yonatan has opened the door for Chef’s to create dishes from their heart.  He is adding an option to the American menu of burgers & fries, pizza, Mexican, Chinese and Italian menu.  Using fresh vegetables and ingredients to stimulate one’s palate.  Chef Yonatan’s staple meal for Mondays pop-up includes delicious veggies, fish and hummus. 


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