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Jacob G.


By Nigeria Anderson

In Love With You

Jacob G. is a Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and drummer. He is living out his dream full-time producing and creating music.   He has his own record label titled Soulful Seed.  He has written and performed with artists like Los Lobos, Twain, and Little Willie G Jacob G. is lead singer for The Latin Dead, who was voted in the Top 50 albums of 2023 by NPR music.  He has been blessed to share the stage with artists such as The Banda Bros., Ry Cooder, The Younghearts, The Ultimates and The Nu Rons to name a few.  Jacob G. is currently working on his sophomore album.  His debut single is titled, In Love With You and is available on all digital platforms.  Jacob’s voice is effortless and soulful when he sings classics and contemporary songs.   In Love With You is a remake, and Jacob G. has made it his own.  Not many can do that but when you have a respect for classic soul.  It just comes easy.


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