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Ariel Fitz Patrick


By Nigeria Anderson

New Release Something Special

Ariel Fitz Patrick, singer, songwriter and actress, is a woman of faith who has impacted the Christian culture on social media.  From an early age, Ariel Fitz enjoyed singing, whether in church or doing covers. Based in Montreal Canada, influenced by her Christian upbringing, Ariel’s inspirational messages have become her signature.  Her new debut single titled Something Special is already creating a buzz on radio and social media.  Something Special is a contemporary gospel song written by Ariel Fitz Patrick.  The most significant aspect of Ariel’s style is her ability to allow God to use her unapologetically.  Something Special is a song of being grateful in spite of what is going on in the world.  Ariel Fitz Patrick has joined the company of Johnathan McReyonalds, Tasha Cobbs Leanord and Kierra Sheard Kelly


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