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MoReese Madu


By Nigeria Anderson

Celebrating An Independent Lens

Many in entertainment learn it is not that easy to get a multi-million dollar deal. Quiet as it’s kept, it’s when you believe in yourself to pursue, money may come.  MoReese Madu, is a producer, author and screenwriter who trusted in himself. He launched a blog in college, self-help books, a novel, and developed his screenwriting skills.  During his journey, his success increased, along with his network.  With limited resources, MoReese kept a steady chain of promoting and selling his books.  His success has given him leverage to create his own lane.  Today, content creators are able to express themselves like never before.  Building brands outside industry norms.  MoReese Madu, places a special emphasis on diversity.  However, his primary goal is uplifting his community as a conscious Black man.  Through good networking and staying on the course of his dream, MoReese did not allow a closed door to stop him.   In this day and age, there is no room to be marginalized.  As a storyteller, MoReese Madu uses his personal and unforgettable experiences when developing his projects.  His new feature film titled Differences will debut on Tubi TV on September 1st.  Get your popcorn ready and make sure you save the date.  


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