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DJ Arie Spins


By Nigeria Anderson

From A Cafe To The Country

DJ Arie Spins, a New Orleans native from a city known for its music, has a musical prodigy in their midst. Dj Arie Spins is an all-around music enthusiast, setting the tone for a city known for Jazz, Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday, music festivals and brass band parades.  She has maintained a residency in a local cafe which landed her on stages and in spaces spinning for party crowds and Corporate CEO’s.  Having always been inspired by the rich music scene in New Orleans, Dj Arie Spins has been able to bring an eclectic sound to her listeners.  Her repertoire in all genres of music has her booked and busy.  Please do not mistake her fiery mix and pretty face for being a dj only.  Dj Arie Spins is well versed in music, classically trained, and an educator.  She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Orleans.  Dj Arie naturally gravitated to music.  I guess you could say it’s her calling.   Her gifts include being a vocalist and pianist.  When she is not spinning, she teaches high school students how to connect their passion for music into a business.


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