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Kevin Reyes


By Nigeria Anderson


Kevin King Supreme influenced by music since the age of 12 years old. Focused on hip-hop culture he carried a notebook around to pen his lyrics.  Kevin could be seen banging on a desk with that boom boom bap flow.  The code for a good emcee to share their rhyming skills. It wasn’t long before Kevin King Supreme traded the desk for a computer to lay down his beats.  Once he became fluent in creating beats, he realized his calling.  After college, Kevin King Supreme Founded and became the CEO of his own studio production company Okay Beatz.  Kevin honed in on his craft, he studied audio engineering at SAE in New York.  He teamed up with others who had similar goals and Okay Beatz doors are open, producing for various recording artists. Two you can hear now on all digital platforms Patchy Oliva and Kilo Brian.


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