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Rolondis Bush


By Nigeria Anderson

Runway Model & Print

Rolondis Bush a model and voice over professional out of Ohio. He arrived in New York City with $300 in his pocket and landed a job as a waiter. While waiting tables in Time Square a co-worker needed a favor. Recruited by his co-worker to fill in at a fashion show.  Rolondis Bush 6’5” stature was his ticket.  This opened a door for Rolondis to keep walking through.  Approached by another good friend to go on a casting call, Rolondis accepted.  With no portfolio, no headshot and no experience, Rolondis entered this opportunity with nerves and confidence. He landed the job. Evidence that sometimes being Johnny on the spot can pay off. In his 2 year journey as a model, Rolodis Bush has been featured in numerous fashion shows and printed work.  Achieving fame as a professional model. Rolondis acknowledged by a fashion designer, was offered to come to Paris for a show.  Truly, every model’s dream.  Due to the pandemic, his show was canceled.  But we say hold on Paris, Rolondis Bush is on his way. (more…)

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