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Ingrid Murray


By Nigeria Anderson

Cleaning Professional Ready To Help

Ingrid Murray is the Founder and CEO of Prospect Cleaning Service building maintenance and office cleaning, in east Flatbush Brooklyn, NY.  With over 20 years experience, Ingrid Murray is able  to convey a space with an expert eye.  Ingrid built Prospect Cleaning Service from cleaning homes to managing over a million square feet of cleaning space.  With a host of satisfied clients, Prospect Cleaning Service reputation precedes itself.  Placing the company in high demand during the Pandemic.  Ingrid’s highly trained staff is well-trained for any cleaning job, providing quality customer service. I had the awesome opportunity to speak with Ingrid Murray about the drastic changes made on cleaning, when the Pandemic began to cause many facilities to close. (i.e. fitness centers, daycare and schools) (more…)

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