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Dj JaBig


By Nigeria Anderson

DJ JaBig Creating Space Through Music

Jean-Aime Bigirimana, originally from Rwanda, known as Dj JaBig resides in Canada. JaBig is a notable DJ who has traveled internationally bringing many to the dance floor, playing his signature sound of deep house music. What caught my attention was his gospel house mix.  Everyone who knows me knows that house music is the best music. JaBig is a full-fledged professional DJ. Requested to play music at the hottest events across the continent.  JaBig used Youtube to upload a back catalogue of his live DJ sets and mixed compilations. Within six months many were streaming his page enjoying his mixes. He began receiving millions of streams and fans along the way.  DJ JaBig’s other passion is giving back. He is part of The World Bicycle Relief, a charity that has distributed close to 500k bikes in Africa. He enjoys riding his fixed-gear bicycle around the land with his friends and making a difference for others. As we wait for the party scene to return make sure you check for Dj JaBig. 


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