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Teri Tobin


By Nigeria Anderson


There are layers to award-winning soul singer, songwriter and producer Teri Tobin.  Each layer reveals a lusher depth, a more meaningful experience, an expressive passion and an abiding generosity, in Tobin’s music and womanhood.  All of who Tobin is and what she’s lived through comes through her testimonial of song.  For example, Good Morning Love is a song full of emotions and personal love notes.  Good Morning Love is not just another love song.  It is a song of endearment, for you, me and the love hidden inside of us. Tobin admits she was born with a love jones, being her birthday is on Valentine’s Day.   Therefore, the chances of Tobin singing a love song, healing message and promoting self-love and acceptance, she received it honestly.  To put things in perspective.  Teri Tobin performed background work with Joe, Mica Paris, Chico Debarge and Chante Moore.   Moving from background to center stage has not been an easy feat.


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