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The Chosen TV


By Nigeria Anderson

Dallas Jenkins New Series Based on Scripture

The Chosen TV is produced and directed by Dallas Jenkins the first ever multi-season series about the life of Christ. I am excited about The Chosen series by Dallas Jenkins, also known for films like The Resurrection of Gavin Stone and What If.  After watching the first episode I wanted to see more. There is evidence that Christian based films are proving to be in demand.  Therefore, what if you could watch The Chosen? A true reality show about those who come to know Jesus, instead of a secular reality show.  Don’t get all deep on me. Most Bible based projects are story lined by true stories, the scriptures and simulated Christian drama. The Chosen explores each biblical character being developed prior to their meeting with Jesus.

Dallas Jenkins is known for creating films and shorts, he has over 20 years directing and producing with major Hollywood studios. After a career failure and encouragement from his wife, he took a leap of faith to create The Chosen.  A thought provoking, with a cinematic treatment which focus on relationship and not religion. The Chosen series allows you to choose, will you follow Jesus, become a disciple or identify if you have chosen by God. The Chosen address issues we face everyday from spiritual warfare to leadership challenges. It is by far one of the best scripted representations of the Christian faith I have seen.  

The series is for everyone to enjoy believers and skeptics will have their fill. I had the pleasure of speaking with our new KeyPlayer Dallas Jenkins about his launch of his multi-season series The Chosen. What a testimony. Listen to how he was not called to feed the 5 thousand but provide the loaves and fish. Listen and be blessed. PUSH PLAY 

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