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Tyler Perry’s Temptation


By Nigeria Anderson

Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

Writer, director, producer, actor and playwright Tyler Perry Celebrates his 14th Film Temptation: Confessions Of a Marriage Counselor based on his 2008 play. Normally I do not review films in such detail and since Tyler Perry did not send me a birthday gift for my birthday April 15th yet. I will still do as the Holy Spirit prompt me to do and comment on his film. Firstly, by now with all the reviews and promotions you know the summary.  A cheating wife played very well by Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) her transformation was excellent I must say. I enjoyed her criticising co-worker played by (Kim Kardashian) good job. Whenever, I see Vanessa Williams I know it is going to be good. She deserves an Oscar for her acting, I’m just saying. It is too early for me to go there because we know only African American films made by non African Americans get nominated for Oscars. Anyway, Vanessa Williams played (Janice) the boss lady and did a great job as usual. (Ella Joyce) who plays Judith’s reverend mom is absolutely great. Another actress with style and grace. I know you know where I am going, so come on with me. Judith’s husband is played by Harley (Robbie Jones) and I thought that was a great role for him. The seducer is played by Lance Gross (Brice), one lady behind me in the movie theater kept calling him the devil. Which means he did a good job in his role.  Renee Taylor (Store Owner) my homegirl from the Bronx, you know I have to represent, had the best role of all. Melinda, (Brandy Norwood) all I can say is well done Brandy.

Most blockbuster films are non African American and animated or franchised. I feel I need to shine my light right now. Most major films open with great promotion with numbers $207, 438, and 349 million a weekend in over 4,404 thousand theaters.  An all African American cast film like Red Tails might open in about 2,512 thousand theaters. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds open in 2,132 thousand theaters with all his success. Yet critics begin to scrutinize, Tyler Perry on his style and story lines. Can we take note that Tyler Perry has given some of our most prolific African American actors and actresses work with great roles. Especially, those we have not seen in a while and fresh faces of African Americans who need work. At the end of the day it is entertainment with a message. Now if you don’t get it okay but don’t knock him for trying its entertainment.

I went to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando Fl. I was standing on line minding my own business when a White man came up to me and said he did not like my sneakers (true story) and why was I wearing them and I thought he was going to spit but he said you offended me and left. As I looked around. I saw other people with sneakers and some with the same brand as myself. I was like what was that about. I was at the Holy Land Experience a place of replicas. Here is my favorite part of the story.  The lady at the register said “Oh! you’re just in time, to have communion with Jesus,” so emphatically she scared me. She thought Jesus was really giving out communion, not the worker hired to play Jesus and give out communion. I mean if He was, I didn’t want to be standing there still talking to her. I say to you believers stay focused. The Holy Land Experience is an amusement park with christian information. A Tyler Perry film is a film based around christian principles.

Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is by far one of Tyler Perry’s better films which really gave a message to Christians. Okay for mature Christians. For the Christians who don’t go to the movies, I will enlighten you a little bit. I enjoy going to the movies and based on the reputation of the filmmaker I will support it. With that being said when it is “christian based” I am always going to see it. This film was so accurate on how people of faith get trapped and snared by the enemy, I give it a Where Key Players Speak! Award.  For my Holy Rollers, we do have an adversary and he is diligent and cunning. This film demonstrated one of satan’s favorite snares “Temptation.” Don’t go see it if you battle in this area.

After reading reviews regarding this film I had to chime in. Here are comments regarding the film made by critics; I’m extremely disappointed in my race for continuing to support Tyler Perry. At risk of sounding judgemental and/or homophobic, Tyler Perry strikes me as closeted gay man exploiting a the culture of baptist black America for financial gain. TokenBlackGuy.  I feel sorry for Tyler Perry who really is a great filmmaker, but made a huge mistake casting Kim. She is not an actress just a shallow pretty woman who is desperate for attention! Vanessa Williams deserves better. This movie was good. A point that really needed to be made. The cast did a great job (except for Kim Kardashian), and you are all a bunch of haters. I absolutely enjoyed this movie. This was an excellent movie, and makes a great point. A bizarrely over-the-top sermon that exists in a world devoid of shades of gray.

This is probably going to be one of my best christian movie reviews ever. Since the Lord has called me into entertainment, I will allow Him to have His way on this one. (Ella Joyce) Judith’s mother the Reverend character, was based on being committed and faithful to Jesus Christ, to be able to teach others. Which she did as demonstrated in the film regarding Judith. Judith followed her mothers advice unto marriage. You know the scripture raise up a child.  (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) Wife character Judith, would have to endure all things for the elect’s sakes that she may obtain the Salvation which is in Christ Jesus eternal glory. No one wants to discuss the scripture which says if we suffer, we shall also reign with Jesus, if we deny Him, He will deny us. Most believers will get to a place where they will struggle in their faith like Judith; He is faithful, He cannot deny Himself. In the film Judith failed to shun profane and vain things which only increased unto more ungodliness temptation.  As Christians we have to be so mindful of our response to temptation. Even the Lords prayer says And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Here is the antidote. There are some who will honor the Lord and some who will dishonor Him. Which are you? There is a process which must take place by an individual who confess they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Firstly, you should follow someone who is following the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Learn about the cunning craftiness of the devil. Learn about the power of the resurrection. Get your mind right about the truth which is the Word of God.

Then if any man purge himself from profane and vain things he shall be a vessel unto honor sanctified and meet for the Master’s use and prepared unto every good work. Unlike the character Brice (Lance Gross) who did not choose to flee his lusts and follow after righteousness. Brice allowed bitterness to root. While Melinda, played by (Brandy Norwood) began to follow after righteousness by faith, charity and made peace with herself. My favorite character Harley (Robbie Jones) demonstrated the ultimate christian man as a servant of the Lord. Harley did not strive with his wife Judith in her craziness but remained gentle and patient and although Judith was in a state where she opposed the will of God. In meekness, Harley instructed his wife to turn away and by doing such, it would allow our Great God to give her up for repentance to the acknowledging of the truth of her matter. To pastor feel free to preach this on Sunday. Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a must see. Kudo’s Tyler Perry.

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