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By Lawrence Olaniyi

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown


Urbanbuzzmag.com would like to introduce you to one of our Key Players in Business Mr. Lawrence Olaniyi (CEO). It is our goal to always keep our readers informed. In Corporate Business and with a Startup Business Leadership and Management are Keys to your success. Most CEO’s and Business Executives can share how hard it is to get a team of workers to work efficiently and collectively.  It’s not easy.  It takes a certain skill set to be able to motivate and encourage.  Mr. Lawrence Olaniyi our Business Executive will provide you with tools to help you identify if you are ready to follow your dreams and be the next great CEO. There is room. So, please read and take notes. This may be the article to change your position from I can’t to Yes I Can!  If you would like to attend one of his meetups in NYC or NJ, please RSVP information below. If you have worked in a leadership position you can attest these words are true: Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown. It is our hope that in 2017 you wear your Crown with ease.

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown.  This discourse is aimed at shedding more light on the notion that facts tends to prove itself overtime. One of these facts recognizes why one individual or a business may not achieve success or wear the crown. In other words, success is not a guarantee for a manager, a leader or business. Whether your dream is to successfully lead from the c-suit corner office or become the next successful manager or business owner; this perhaps may be a complementary helpful hint. Take this proverbial statement that states, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.  What does this mean?  It simply indicates that the road to success is not as easy as many think it is. Albeit, it also goes without saying that success is any one’s take, true if person or business is ready to do all that it takes to be successful. By pegging all foreseeable pitfalls for a new idea as knowledge becomes available. To understand or unravel this statement, we’ll look at a formula with the example of two new (fictional) managers (Adam and Harry). Perhaps we can glean from their strengths or weakness, even see what they did and how they develop their understanding to arrive at a favorable or satisfactory outcome, which is, (becoming the successful manager or leader most people dream of). Although one person’s definition of (crown/success) may not necessarily mean the same for everybody. For the purpose of this discourse, we’ll accept a general understanding of what the word success really means. According to Dictionary meaning, the word Success means, “a favorable or satisfactory outcome or result.” So, let us try to see what may be required or necessary to achieve a favorable or a satisfactory outcome.

First, lets look at this simple formula to see how it can further help our understanding of how to achieve a favorable or satisfactory outcome. Readiness + Consistency + Attitude = Favorable Outcome. Please note, this formula is only complementary. In other words, achieving favorable or satisfactory outcome requires much more than adequate readiness it also calls for consistency and having the right attitude. The first stance here, is to objectively learn deeply about what it takes to achieve a favorable satisfactory outcome. Although, many people began with a mindset of achieving a satisfactory outcome, as a  manager, leader or business owner. Incidentally, many will later discover that it is the exception and not the rule. The second objective here is to encourage a manager or that potential leader to think differently about how to achieve a satisfactory or favorable outcome. What is readiness, consistency and attitude and how do these variable affects favorable outcome? We can learn a lot about favorable outcomes by comparing an individual that is ready, consistent and possess the right attitude and another that does not possess all the variables. For instance, when it comes to achieving favorable outcome or (wearing the crown), most people sadly, are either of these two great professionals (Adam and Harry). Both had gone to work for the same organization and on their first day in the office were seen telling their staff that they can see themselves becoming great, if not the best managers, zeroing in on their individual skill sets and experiences of how they’ve gotten things done at their previous positions. These two managers quite frankly are different but equally amazing in their thinking.

Adam, we learn is strong in his belief of becoming this successful manager in his new role and that the dream begins with his readiness to clearly understand his new role, secondly, he must show consistency in his practice of all the new skills that can be learned and develop. Moreover, he considered his attitude as just another important dimension of what it takes achieving his dream to become a successful manager. Adam, thinks that attitude, as well as the other two variables, readiness and consistency are equally important and how he applies them in his day-to-day interaction with other employees will determine how quick and easy he achieves his goal of becoming a successful manager or leader.

Harry, unlike like Adam believes that his readiness and the understanding of his new role as a manager are his surest way to achieving favorable outcome, which is, (becoming a successful manager or wearing that crown of success). Harry has had a track record of success and find himself again managing new expectations. To get there, he was focused mainly on his readiness developing a depth of knowledge of the new role as a manager but undermines the importance and relativity of the other two variables, that are, consistency and attitude. Always, Harry was guided by one question constantly: What should he pursue materially? that would contribute to helping him achieve his goal of achieving a favorable outcome. In his response, he would carefully select a few of his employees that he seemed satisfied and comfortable with. Harry built strong relationship and thought that his success should be easy to find. However, Harry continued to struggle to find that success. Stanford Psychologist Carol Deck calls this a Fixed mindset. Harry in other words, has a mindset that is long developed and often does not accept new experiences. Although, he is functioning in a new business environment or ecosystem, this type of individual just cannot understand the realities of how or what has just happened. Hence, these are new dynamics and challenges that managers/business leaders must pay serious attention to today.

Adam, on the other hand, demonstrate what Carol Deck calls a Growth mindset. Adam pursued his favorable outcome and success, by utilizing the three variables and seeking other elements which increased his chance of winning. In conclusion, good luck in your foreseeable pursuit of leading or managing now or some day in the future. It’s doable and absolutely possible but only if the right prescriptions are applied. Again, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

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