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By Nigeria Anderson


Kellita Smith is a model, actress and comedian.  She is currently working on 2 amazing television series In The Cut and Z Nation. Kellita Smith’s roles are very diverse, an owner of a hair shop (In The Cut, Bounce TV)  and a Zombie killer (Z Nation SyFy). She is no stranger to acting, her credits include a nomination for the NAACP image award.  Kellita Smith may be stepping up in ranks of an Emmy and Oscar so keep your eyes open.  She enjoys acting it’s  her passion. You can tell by watching how well she captures each character she portray. However, Kellita Smith has a funny bone which she likes to share. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kellita Smith about her role as an entrepreneur and zombie killer.  She shared an exclusive about her comedy, which we may see soon.  Help welcome our new Key Player Kellita Smith. @KellitaSmith1

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