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Craig L. Jones


By Nigeria Anderson

The Hand of A Ready Artist

Meet Craig L. Jones, CEO and Founder of JC Art. He is a self-taught graphite artist.  He specializes in commemorative and portrait drawing.  Craig Jones, currently resides in Richmond, VA. His artwork has been exhibited throughout the Richmond area.  Recently his work was exhibited during Black History Month and Juneteenth celebration.  Craig Jones uses his artwork to inspire others.  His drawings are available for viewing throughout his social media.  Make sure you connect with him.  When Craig feels or imagines images, he is able to convey them on paper.  His uncle and family encouraged him to pursue drawing from a young age of six.  His portraits of celebrities and art series are quickly gaining attention. Craig’s inspirations come from his heart and faith.  He shared with me that an image came to his mind and he began to draw and it ended up being a perfect replication of the ark of the covenant of the bible.  He knew then that the Lord was directing his hands.  Craig Jones is new in the market of sharing his art, but he is dilligent with displaying his creative expression throughout his city and online.

Craig Jones is locked in as a graphite artist but may dabble in other art mediums.  We may see some acrylic pieces soon.  However, graphite is his favorite. Graphite is useful for writing and drawing, and it’s slightly metallic.  When I asked him if he uses charcoal, he said absolutely not.  Charcoal is messy with a dusty effect.  Graphite is a permanent material and is easily removed using an eraser.  Drawing has become therapeutic for Craig.  Recently, Craig Jones produced a series titled Hand of God, and I can’t wait for you to hear how that series came about.  If you are an aspiring artist, this is an interview you want to hear.  Though Craig has experienced horrible things in his life, his faith in God and the ability to create art has moved Craig forward into a prominent business person.  His collection is worth taking a look at. Welcome our new KeyPlayer Craig Jones.  You can connect with him on IG @jcartscoPUSH PLAY

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