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Bey Bright


By Nigeria Anderson

Soul Nostalgia Series

Harlem native Bey Bright is a Soul recording artist, producer and CEO of Bright Vision Entertainment.  Since the release of his Soul Nostalgia series, his songs are climbing charts across the country.  His current album release Soul Nostalgia 3, dropped two chart topping hits, Vibe and Body Can’t Lie.  At the time of our interview, Bright Vision Entertainment received their platinum music plaque Bey Bright’s success is a response to his determination too create music many may enjoy.  After so many rejections from record labels and doubters, Bey Bright is enjoying the fruits of his labor.  Bey Bright is in the process of recording his fourth Soul Nostalgia album which will be released in 2022. His sound is soulful with blends of party grooves and romantic serenades.  He is known for his music videos and energetic performances.  Bey Bright’s global reach is a great accomplishment for an independent artist.  We understand that real success is learning from those who have paved the way before us.  Bey is not the first to do it but he is willing to share how he made it happen.

Bright Vision Entertainment is known for producing various recording artists.  Currently, Bey Bright’s success has made him the front man.  Bright Vision Entertainment not only is a top-selling label, they held five songs on top 30, with two number 1 hits on UK Soul Chart and Grenada Soul Chart.  Bey Bright accolades include Best R&B seller, People’s Choice Award and Best Male Artist.  The road was not easy and Bey Bright is very transparent about his journey.  He earned his degree in Business Administration and Management and worked with Bad Boy Entertainment’s street team.  Both education and experience have played a pivotal role in his career.  Although many had their doubts, Bey Bright and Bright Vision Entertainment proved them all wrong.  Listen to how Bey Bright overcame the peaks and valleys in the entertainment business.  If you are interested in launching out as an independent artist or business, I suggest you listen to our interview.  During our interview Bey will give you a roadmap to success.  Join us as he drops gems.  Welcome our KeyPlayer Bey Bright, CEO of Bright Vision Entertainment.  You can connect with him on social media @brightvision29 or his website. Make sure you go and purchase the Soul Nostalgia series. I am sure you will enjoy.  PUSH PLAY  https://beybrightbve.com/album/1115047/soul-nostalgia-3

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