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By Nigeria Anderson

Professional Speaker

Brad Butler II is a husband, father, multi-award winning international youth and school motivational speaker.  Before reaching this level of success, Brad Butler struggled with poverty, family addiction, low self-esteem, and school.  After moving from Jersey City, NJ to the suburbs of East Windsor, NJ, Brad spent 10 years in Special Ed classes.  During that time, he was told he was not academically prepared for college.  Today it is evident that Brad Butler II was misunderstood like most young adults dealing with challenging environments.  Before we drag our school system, there were two instrumental teachers who saw Brad’s light.  He continues to thank them as he pays it forward by encouraging others.   Brad Butler II now holds a Masters degree in counseling.  He is also the CEO and Founder of Brad Butler II & Associates LLCBrad Butler II is a full-time motivational speaker traveling the country spreading his signature message: Hope Is My Super Power, empowering everyone he meets with a message of hope and living by his motto: Make Your Next Day Your Best Day.

Brad Butler II understands the context of relationships and environment.  His skills as a professional speaker come from a place of conquering poverty, family addiction, and low self-esteem.  With the necessary skills and determination, Brad overcame his barriers. Today he is speaking around the world spreading useful pieces of knowledge to help others conquer their obstacles.  Those who listen to Brad will quickly realize that big achievements are attainable.  Listening to a professional speaker is not just hype.  Their value is to help you win and inspire you to move to your next level.  Encourage you to push the boundaries beyond what you think you can do.  Brad’s purpose is to challenge you, and prepare you to become a better version of yourself.  Despite what life throws at you, remember Brad’s motto; Make Your Next Day, Your Best DayBrad is currently traveling to speak at various events, including an educational conference in Oregon and the special Olympics in Michigan.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer, Brad Butler II. You can connect with him through his website. www.bradbutler2.com  PUSH PLAY


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