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Bridgette Cooper


By Nigeria Anderson

We Know Her And Love Our Opera Singer “Bri” Cooper

bridgette5_6399_biggerIn the world of music, we are always happy to welcome a real Key Player like Bridgette “Bri” Cooper. Returning with new material and wonderful projects Bri continues to shine.   Although, Opera can be very traditional and conservative for the most part, it has made it to America’s Got Talent. Therefore it is evident that the ears of music enthusiast are demanding more quality. I am here to say that Bridgette “Bri” Cooper is bringing just that to her listeners and to those who will take time out to be introduced to a sound that will give you goose bumps. Opera is a performance of great passion, vocal control and the results are stunning and the sound incredible. If you have not had the time to just sit and enjoy an Opera performance or sound, please take a moment and allow Bri Cooper to welcome you into her genre of song.

I had the chance to catch up with Award winning and critically acclaimed, mezzo soprano, operatic powerhouse and multi-talented Bridgette “Bri” Cooper to discuss her latest projects.  Bri Cooper has appeared on stage and TV throughout the US and Europe, and has worked with operatic greats such as Placido Domingo. Recently Bri received the 2013 Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award from East Carolina University School of Music. It does not end there. Bri has a new release outside her traditional boundaries of opera. However, her new single Peace Sign Up maintains opera passion, stye and integrity. So click the links and enjoy both the interview and song. Feel free to tweet her and give her your feedback @bridgettcooper.

Bri Cooper Interview

Peace Sign up Get your copy visit www.bridgettecooper.wix.com/bricooper



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