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Darius James


By Nigeria Anderson

Perfect Timing For R&B Debut

Darius James, is making a name for himself as an R&B singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Pendleton, SC, Darius released his sophomore 8-track EP Life As We Know It. His debut singles, By My Side and Empty, are quickly picking up rotation. The EP is available now for your enjoyment. Darius James’ production and collaborations provide that good R&B sound we’ve been missing.  Making music is his passion.  As a newly independent artist, he is taking his career to the next level.  The sophomore project demonstrates his growth as a singer-songwriter.  His vocal style is exclusive to him as an artist.  With an original sound, he has captured support from new fans.  Darius James’ creation process is sitting at the piano and allowing the song to be birthed. His music reflects his journey as a young artist and personal experiences.  Additionally, his confidence and conviction of song have many taking notice.

Darius James’ received prominent support from Grammy Award winner and producer, Timbaland.  His social media presence caught the attention of others, like Grammy Award winner Lucky Daye and songstress Maeta to name a few.  By receiving high praise from professionals and fans, there is evidence people are taking note of Darius James’ music.   He has an easy listening voice.  His vocal ability on ballads, acoustic and uptempo songs is impressive.  Darius James delivers on all 8-tracks.  Following in his musician father’s footsteps, he learned how to play drums and keyboard.  Darius is enjoying being an artist at this time.  He is currently promoting his sophomore project Life As We Know It, by performing live locally.  The EP is a full display of his versatility as an artist.  Make sure you give  Life As We Know It a listen. I am sure you will add it to your playlist.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Darius James.  You can follow him on IG @iamdariusj.  PUSH PLAY 


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