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Joshua Rogers


By Nigeria Anderson

Single Still Gon Trust

Joshua Rogers, a Greeleyville, South Carolina native has returned to the gospel charts again with his single Still Gon Trust Still Gon Trust is a personal testament of how Joshua endured during the height of the pandemic.  How appropriate is his song during this time of war between Russia and Ukraine Joshua Rogers understands how disruptions caused by life can place you in despair.  One day, everything is good and then life pulls the rug from under your feet.  Still Gon Trust is relevant for anyone who has faced or is facing life challenges.  Whether you are a believer or someone who is in need of hope for a better tomorrow.  We thank God for a joyful noise in the air.  Still Gon Trust is a friendly reminder, no matter what the circumstances are, as a believer we can place our trust in the word of God.  Taking our hands off and allowing our faith to activate in something greater than ourselves.

Joshua Rogers Still Gon Trust is an encouragement song for individuals impacted by the prolonged recovery of our country.  Amidst all that is going on in our world, many will sing Still Gon Trust.  Providing a friendly reminder that it’s not over, so don’t throw in the towel.  It is during these times we can all use inspiring intervention.  The song was written by Lucius Hoskins and Percy Bady, reminding us that God is the only acceptable and sustainable source to survive in these times.  Still Gon Trust transmits a vital message for believers to place their faith over fear.  It is a known tradition among believers to use affirmation songs to release stress and worry.  In context, it is with great hope that the song, Still Gon Trust will reach those outside of church.  Joshua’s goal is that his song will benefit the well-being of the hearer.  You are going to be blessed by Joshua Rogers‘ very transparent moments of coming through his difficult season and how disruptions helped to increase his faith.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Joshua Rogers.  If you would like to connect with Joshua Rogers, follow him on social media his IG @thejoshuarogers or visit his website at https://iamjoshuarogers.com/PUSH PLAY.


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