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Cupid New Music


By Nigeria Anderson

Cupid’s New Album Will Make You Dance

Cupid is signatured around the world for his line dance song Cupid Shuffle.  When you hear “To the Right,” “To the Right” Cupid’s anthem everyone make their way to the dance floor.  Cupid has returned with a new album titled Dance Fever. The new album has a line dance song for all you line dance addicts, titled Swagger Line Dance.  More importantly this album offers more of Cupid’s vocal ability with songs like Celebrate Life, High School Prom and Cell phone Blues.  Dance Fever brings back party music flow.  The album is receiving rave reviews, you can download the album from iTunes and Amazon.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Cupid regarding his new project and his love for good music.

Cupid has understudied with some great musicianship groups and bands such as Lakeside and S.O.S band. Known for their unique brand of funk & soul, production and lyrics. Their sound still evokes pleasant memories today.  However, such groups have become scarce, replaced by Auto-Tune. No fear, Dance Fever, has infectious grooves, soul and dance fun you desire with honest storytelling.  Cupid is a legend in the making keeping love and music alive. Click the link and hear our interview and get to know this lovable guy they call Cupid a real Key Player.





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