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Del Lawrence


By Nigeria Anderson


Del Lawrence is a published author and national speaker (aka Mr. Del) is a Grammy, Dove, Stellar nominated music artist and Love & Life Coach from Memphis, TN. Mr. Del authored a popular book series called SOUL TIES which includes: Soul Ties: How To Detox From Toxic Relationships and Soul Ties 2: Love, Lust, & Lies second of a trilogy.   Mr. Del is celebrating with a SOUL TIES TOUR free to the public.  In addition, by texting “soulties” to 31996, Mr. Del is offering a free bundle that includes a book, video message and podcast.  Mr. Del’s goal, to inform how to stay away from life-altering and meaningless relationships and situations.

There is a saying hurt people hurt people. The Soul Ties Tour is designed to have an open discussion for transparency to help stop your hurt and the hurt you give when in relationship. We all know relationships are key to our universal need as human beings to belong and be cared for. Although there are many facets, there are three that are cornerstone to a person’s heart according to Mr. Del: Listen to our interview. Mr. Del will highlight if you are emotional when building relationships or deliberate. All relationships have a major influence in our lives, how we think, act and react to ourselves and others.  Please welcome our new Keyplayer Mr. Del Lawrence (aka Mr. Del). To find out if the SOUL TIES TOUR is coming to your city, visit www.DelLawrence.com  or social media @MrDelMusic Mr. Del also speaks about his Three 6 Mafia days and signing Canton Jones and Mali Music to his gospel record label. PUSH PLAY 


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