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Pastor Rod Hairston


By Nigeria Anderson

Pastor Rod Hairston Covering Relationships

Pastor Rod Hairston is a man of faith and brotherly love.  He continues to spread the gospel in all he does. He is an author on relationship building between men and women.  He has published two books titled Cover Her: How to create a safe place for the ladies in your life physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually and his latest addition Cover Him: Caring for the hidden needs, thoughts and feelings of the man you love. I enjoyed reading this book and it is a must have on the shelf, iPad, phone or wherever you read your books. I suggest you get a copy for yourself, especially if you want a healthy relationship with understanding.

Pastor Rod Hairston admits he witnessed men mishandling women even in his own family.  As a teenager Rod Hairston fell into bad patterns mimicking poor behaviors he watched growing up.  At the age of 17 he rededicated his life to Christ and was mentored by godly men.  He was given an opportunity to minister to professional football players, which landed him a job with the Baltimore Ravens. Rod Hairston became the first salaried full-time chaplain in the NFL, receiving two Super Bowl rings for his work. Won’t God do it.  I want you to welcome our new KeyPlayer Pastor Rod Hairston. This interview is very transparent and we are withholding nothing.  So enjoy and take notes. You can connect with Pastor Rod Hairston on social media @RodHairston IG and Facebook

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