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Dj K. Nikki


By Nigeria Anderson

Dj K. Nikki Rocking Non Stop

Hailing from Harlem, Dj K. Nikki is spinning grooves that will make your body move. She has a keen ear for good music, which she grew up listening to.  Dj K. Nikki is part of the growing trend of female Djs across all formats. She began spinning at the age of 19 and is known as a mix disk jockey. Djing and producing mix Cd’s is what she enjoys most.  You can hear Dj K. Nikki at www.iaxisradio.com Saturday’s from 11am to 1pm. Also party with her live on first Fridays of each month beginning January 3rd. 2020. Check out her social media to stay connected @dj_k_nikki on instagram. It is ideal for every dj too have residency and enlarge their territory,  Nikki is doing just that.  She is earning attention everywhere she plays. So, if you are looking for a hot female Dj that can get the party rocking make sure you contact Dj. K. Nikki.  

Dj K. Nikki is constantly grinding and connecting with various djs. She is ever learning by obtaining advice from various djs, like Dj/Producer Dj Wonder of Sway In The Morning, Dj Rampage The Last Boy Scout and becoming part of Heat Djs. As a Dj it is important to keep fruitful relationships.  Djs are one of the most important people in a world of music, radio and clubs.  If you are a recording artist Djs are your best friend. Recently, Dj. K. Nikki was giving a cd by an artist, hear what happened when you tune in to our interview.  Dj K. Nikki is in the process of launching her own radio show, where she will be able to expose listeners to exciting new music. Welcome our new KeyPlayer Dj. K. Nikki follow her at www.DjKNikki.com

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