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Freedom Imani


By Nigeria Anderson

Let Your Greatness Shine

International recording artist Freedom Imani, a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, and music arranger who started his journey singing at the age of 12. Freedom Imani’s newest project is very dear and near to his heart. Currently, he is performing and providing audiences with a sneak preview of one of his singles in memory of his mother.  The title of the song, You Don’t Own My LifeFreedom is no stranger to singing and releasing hits.  He released his live and unplugged jazz single entitled Breeve live in 2017 and later that year recorded It Feels Good with producer/composer Stuart Hart and Sonic Culture Studios for the new Google Duo commercial It Feels Good undoubtedly became Stuart Hart’s new single featuring Freedom Imani on Apple Music. With the same company producer, two years later, Freedom recorded Don’t Ever Let Me Go and Dance Floor, which were featured on Season 1 of B.E.T.’s AMERICAN SOULFreedom is an artist. A young man from Baltimore who reminds us to be our authentic self on stage and off stage.  Be consistent and let your greatness shine. If you are in New York City on Saturday March 18th, Freedom will be performing in the East Village at @NuBlu 151 Avenue C, New York, Showtime 6pm to 10pm.  

Freedom Imani can also be seen on the Washington DC music platform, DCE Network, viewed on Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, I-Phone and Android.  Early in his career, Freedom Imani released his first gospel single I’m Still Here after winning a Heaven 600 gospel radio competition. Later, he released his second gospel single Overcome in 2010. Freedom Imani was also featured in the song So In Love  on the Eric Seats Sidiooo Music Album in 2014. Soon after, in 2014, Freedom became the lead singer of the band Pockets, who recorded three albums under the production guidance of founding member and bassist Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire and Robert Wright. Freedom is working on a second project titled Sounds Without Words.  As you can see, Freedom continues to work with the whose who in music.  I believe this new project will preview some of his greatest work.  Join the conversation and hear more about one of our greatest recording artist, producers and performers of our time.  Welcome our KeyPlayer Freedom Imani.  You can connect with him on Instagram @Freedomimani PUSH PLAY

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