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Trey Haley


By Nigeria Anderson

A Filmmakers Impact & Influence

Trey Haley is an entertainment Executive, Director, Producer and President and Partner at Tri Destined Studios, where he is responsible for the implementation of all productions within the company.  He is also tasked with developing diverse venture collaborations and strategic alliances based on shared vision, values and goals.  A passionate filmmaker with a diverse breadth and sensibility, Trey has directed and produced a variety of genres. His latest TV projects include the hit crime drama Carl Weber’s The Family Business, where he serves as the Director for the show and Co-Executive Producer.  A fan-favorite, its ensemble cast includes Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Tami Roman, Javicia Leslie and Emilio Rivera, to name a few.  In its fourth season on BET Plus, the show is consistently a top streaming show on BET for which Trey received a 2022 HAPAward for Best Director of a Television Series. The show is also an international hit for BET channels around the globe. Trey Haley is the Director and Co-Executive Producer behind the new hit limited series for BET Plus Carl Weber’s The Black Hamptons, which is described as Dynasty meets Baywatch.  It stars Lamman Rucker, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Elise Neal, Brian White, Karon Joseph, Mike Merrill, Jennifer Freeman, Daya Vaidaya and Blac Chyna.  The latest movies Trey directed include the sexy murder mystery Love Mary Kill starring Monique Coleman and Skye BlackTrey also conducts filmmaking master classes where he integrates hands-on learning to address the creative, technical and business aspects of film and television. (photo credit Tri Destined Studios)

Trey Haley was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. He attended the University of North Texas and majored in Radio, Television and Film. Trey was mentored by some of the top music video directors in the industry.  Trey’s business partners at Tri Destined Studios (TDS) are CEO, N.D. Brown Jones and President of Film, Gregory Anderson.  If you are interested in film and television, this is an interview you do not want to miss.  We discuss the power of films and its influence and impact.  Trey Haley is well versed in his craft of filmmaking.  He helps us to understand the difference between knowing the details when creating a project and creating a project using the broad strokes of what you think a project is.  Tri Destined Studios values entertainment. When you listen to our interview, learn how you can connect with them.  You may be in their next project.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Trey Haley.  You can connect with him on Instagram @treyhaleytds.  PUSH PLAY

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