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Paul Roberson


By Nigeria Anderson

SoBol Bed-Stuy

Businessmen Paul Roberson, Ainsworth (Tony) Robinson and Ahmed (AJ) Jerome (photo L-R) have launched a Black-owned and operated franchise, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant community.  SoBol Bed-Stuy, is located at 531 Nostrand Avenue.  It is the first Acai (pronounced ah-sah-EE) Bowl Cafe in Brooklyn.  The trio has plans to open a second franchise location in another area of Brooklyn as well. Paul Roberson is one of the co-founders who sat with me to discuss this amazing success story, on how three black men have come together to create something special for Bed-Stuy.  I am confident that if you have any doubts about opening a business or launching a project during this nation’s pandemic, you must listen to the interview.

Each partner is a business owner in their own right. Opening SoBol Cafe has expanded the trio’s business portfolio.Each partner has their role in sustaining the business of SoBol Bed-Stuy. For example Paul is responsible for financial, growth and research, Ahmed (AJ) Jerome, will oversee daily operations and Tony Robinson is the person who introduced the idea and responsible for community relations. So what the heck is SoBol? What is in an Acai Bowl?  The brand prides itself on using fresh fruit, delivered 7 days a week from local farms, always-fresh homemade granola, and a variety of specialty toppings such as natural nut butters and heart healthy seeds. The ingredients are allergen friendly and contain no powder or syrups. I must admit this was my first time tasting an Acai Bowl. I am not a banana person but the Acai Bowl with bananas is very tasty and refreshing. So when you get a chance go there and treat yourself.  You will not regret it.  Therefore, welcome my new KeyPlayers Paul Roberson, Ainsworth (Tony) Robinson and Ahmed (AJ) Jerome.  You can connect with them on Instagram at SoBol_BedStuy. PUSH PLAY 

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