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Diane Anderson


By Nigeria Anderson

New Book Release

Today is a special day for author Diane Anderson CEO/President of Meet Me At The Crossroads. She is releasing her 3rd book titled When Your Greatest Weakness Becomes Your Greatest Strength In The Kingdom.  This book is a personal testimony of Diane Anderson, overcoming the ugly weapon of fear sent by our adversary.  In her book she provides tools to teach many how to turn their greatest weakness into their greatest strength.  Her book will bless those who will read it.  Especially, since it’s Diane Anderson’s labor of transparency.  Written and inspired by Holy Ghost, the book’s sole purpose is to help those entangled by fear be free from fear.

Diane Anderson is teacher of the Word of God. She has a Youtube channel where you can hear her minister the Word of God with transformation power (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYoiLkN5rwnsBTMs0KCdB_w). Therefore, if during this time of Covid-19 you do not have a church home, feel free to visit and be refreshed.  Diane’s book When Your Greatest Weakness Becomes Your Greatest Strength In The Kingdom, is available today.  In our interview Diane discusses how to use your gift for the honor and glory of God.  I am glad that Diane chose to be transparent.  We share scriptures which help us both overcome the spirit of fear.  I hope you will be able to use them as well and seek out some scriptures for yourself.  Welcome our KeyPlayer Diane Anderson.  You can connect with her through her website http://meetmeatthexroad.com/  PUSH PLAY 

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