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By Nigeria Anderson


The greatest combination for any duo is like Batman and Robin.  Wes Nihil & Bersurke is that perfect combination. Their new project Peep The Theory is out.  Peep The Theory is a gritty hip-hop classic with that boom bap and head nod flow. For many who may have thought real hip-hop was dead, Wes Nihil & Bersurke say dust off you mics if you dare.  With rhythmic flows and drums, there is no mistaking hip-hop is alive and well.  So, if you have been quarantine and sitting on your couch enduring the water down hip-hop, Peep The Theory will quench your thirst. Wes Nihil, best known as the captivating frontman of Newark, New Jersey‘s popular hardcore band Razorblade Handgrenade (also one half of hip hop duo Crimson Twins), has teamed up with Boston, Massachusetts’ MC & producer, Bersurke of ILL Supreme, to deliver Peep The Theory, a playfully aggressive song/video created and filmed during a family barbeque.

Wes Nihil expressed he is not just another rapper pretending to rap. He simply has a story to tell.  Wes Nihil is no stranger to urban hardships growing up and like many, Hip-hop was his way of escape.  As a youth he became very popular among his peers spitting rhymes.  Bersurke passion for music came by way of the 90’s sound.  He began making beats under the influences of Cypress Hill, Stetsaonic and my City, my home Da Boogie Down Bronx’s own Lord Finesse.  Together these 2 gentlemen have produced a banger for these streets.  From NYC, NJ, Boston, Canada and California Peep The Theory is not only going up a blaze on the internet, the streets are watching.  It was a pleasure to sit and chop it up with Wes & Bersurke about their project Peep The Theory.   Peep The Theory is featured on BPLA’s (Below Poverty Level) and Hobin & DJ Grusm (Canada) mixtape titled Murder Machine 2 which will be available everywhere October 16th.  When listening to our interview find out who Wes Nihil would like to perform with and who he wants to battle. Welcome our new KeyPlayers Wes Nihil & Bersurke.  You can connect with Wes Nihil on instagram @Wes_Nihil and Bersurke @Bersurke. PUSH PLAY 


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