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Janice Lennard


By Tenisha DeWindt




Janice Lennard Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire

Born in 1942 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Janice Lennard has been involved with ballet, yoga and pilates through study, practice and instruction for over 65 years. Her early immersion in artistic expression through dance probably explains her ability to project an aura of positioning perfection, fulfillment of purpose, and sheer fun for the observer of her beautifully synchronized motion.  With enchanting ease, grace and warmth, Janice’s artistry captivates her audience with every musically infused movement.  Janice Lennard says as long as she can she will teach others.  Yoga requires great discipline and can be empowering.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Janice Lennard regarding her passion and teaching. Tune in and learn how to be fit for life.

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