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By Nigeria Anderson


Jana Jackson is collecting critical acclaim from T. D JakesOprah Winfrey and has joined the Key Player family of Urban Buzz Magazine. Jana Jackson has release her new single Amazing.  She is a PK (preacher’s kid) raised in Nashville, Tennessee, known for her soulful vocals and her genuine love for people and for God.  Her musical gift has truly made room for her.   Jana Jackson has a powerful alliance with the Lord, which is shared in our interview of her awesome testimony of being blind since birth and her journey continues. In addition to being a gospel recording artist you will learn some of the great contributions she provides for the body of Christ as a true business woman. It will truly make you believe all things are possible with Christ.  Believing that nothing is impossible with the Lord on our side, Jana Jackson encourages us to dare to trust Him in all things, so that He can show us His path for us. Proverbs 3:5-6

Jana Jackson’s new single Amazing is Jana’s first penned song and you can hear the heart of a trusting believer.  Jana joins a large group of Blind and Visually Impaired  recording artists. She is well educated with a degree in music, innovative and an educator to others with and without sight.  Jana works both on stage and behind the scenes.  I can assure you her musical influence will be a blessing to all who have ears to hear.   Jana has traveled around the world working to be a blessing to those who she comes in contact with.  I must say she was a real blessing to me.  Listen to her interview and learn more about this amazing woman with a true representation through her new single Amazing.




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