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David Sosa


By Nigeria Anderson

Journey: To Love EP

David Sosa, a New York based singer/songwriter, is promoting his EP Journey: To Love.  David was introduced to musical stylings such as Opera, Jazz standards and Broadway that allowed for him to build an eclectic taste and multi-genre performances. While sonically contemporary, David’s musical influences stemmed from 90’s R&B which grew outward into the soul music of the 60’s and 80’s. Powerhouses such as Luther Vandross and Donny Hathaway to prominent women like Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey and Rachelle Ferrell significantly added to David Sosa’s soundscape. Sosa has toured with Nashville artist Tim Dillinger as part of his trio Soulkiss working alongside Charlene Moore, Patsy Moore and Susaye Green. Songstress and longtime friend Ramona Montanez who’s also featured as a vocalist and co- writer for his  EP Journey: To Love may be seen touring with him locally.

David Sosa’s new EP Journey: To Love, is just that. It takes you on a journey of personal experiences of love and heartbreak which we all can relate to.  Tracks like Laugh and Let Me Know will take you on a journey on how to let go and how to hold on in a relationship. His soulful tones and strong vocals will have you put his songs on repeat. My favorite is Laugh, so make sure you download this gem of a talent.  I had a lot of fun speaking with David Sosa about his latest project.  He released some real jewels on his process creating his EP Journey: To Love.  He was very transparent about how the songs came about.  So tune in and enjoy. Welcome our new KeyPlayer David Sosa.  You can connect with him @davsos or visit his website https://officialdavidsosa.com PUST PLAY

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