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By Nigeria Anderson


ChinahBlac is a complete musical package, singer, songwriter, producer and arranger. Classically trained ChinahBlac has an unique ability to fuse, soul, classical, rock and hip hop together to create what she calls her signature sound.  ChinahBlac has broken the genre cycle of music by simply performing good music.  All great recording artist(s) obtain their masterful blends from their personal archive formulas of sound. ChinahBlac is bringing to you her masterfully blended recordings off her new project. Her new single Keep Your Word, is not just another song on the market, it is an anthem in a world that no longer is embarrassed about a lie.  A world where a lie can now become a bill passed.  I had the pleasure of interviewing this dynamic woman of sound and it was everything.

If you are not familiar with ChinahBlac you will be after hearing her new album. She has a list of credits too many to mention of our New Jersey born artist.  Yes, she is our neighbor to those in the New York area. ChinahBlac is one of the most sought after vocal arrangers and background vocalist. ChinahBlac has worked with Grammy® winners across genres from The Dave Mathews Band, Jill Scott, Lauren Hill, including Anthony Hamilton, Musiq Soulchild and more. While on tour with Erykah Badu, ChinahBlac became Badu’s vocal director.  In our interview she recalls that experience as a time of education, which you must hear.

As a Producer and Songwriter ChinahBlac has brought together some of the best musicians from Philadelphia and New Jersey area to record on her new album.  The result is everything we have been waiting for.  Keep Your Word is available on all digital media outlets.  ChinahBlac is a woman of lyrical importance for life, love, people and God. I encourage you to tune in and welcome our new KeyPlayer as she reveals tools, gems and lessons on why the song Keep Your Word is not only for others but more important for you to keep your word to yourself.  For more information please visit  ChinahBlac website to connect with her. http://www.chinahblac.com   Just Press 

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