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Darren Stakey


By Nigeria Anderson


Darren Stakey is an accomplished singer/songwriter and producer.  His moniker is Stay Key, a play on his name.  Darren Stakey is the founder and CEO of his indie label and production house, Wildwood Productions, LLC.  He is no stranger to the entertainment world.  His former recording deal with Warner Music Group, inspired him to launch his own label.  Darren Stakey practices law in New York and California.  Known among his peers as the singer attorney, it has no effect on his ability to keep law and order.  He was named a Pro Bono Attorney of the Year by Touro Law Center in 2019.  However his first love is music.  Darren Stakey is classically trained and  plays multiple instruments.  Celebrating this Christmas season Darren Stakey released a Christmas EP Don’t Light the Lights (On the Tree Without Me).  Reminding us all what truly matters during the holidays, which is spending time with people we love and enjoying the little things, like lighting the lights on the Christmas tree. 

Darren Stakey’s future in music is looking bright.  His current single Really Stuck With Me is one of his favorite songs.  Really Stuck With Me is the perfect blend of Rock and Hip-hop, a combination genre he favors. Wildwood Productions, LLC has an open door policy.  They are accepting recording artists demo for review.  Our interview goes into the intricacies of publishing, manufacturing, marketing, promotion, production, distribution and touring.  Darren Stakey has actively been involved in every aspect of the music business.  Therefore, he brings to the table valuable experiences to execute the recording process and production of music.  Darren Stakey  understands what an artist will need for success.  Also, how important it is to nurture and market talent.  His passion is to educate and develop artists, signed to his label.  Concurrently Darren Stakey is set to bring us great music and artists in 2022.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Darren Stakey.  You can connect with him https://www.wildwoodproductionsllc.com/  PUSH PLAY 

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