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Temeka Nelson


By Nigeria Anderson

Scleroderma Advocate For A Cure

Temeka Nelson also known as Meka is diagnosed with a rare disease Scleroderma. She is an advocate, speaker and podcaster for creating awareness and raising funds to help find a cure for Scleroderma. On June 20th 2pm to 7pm, It Couda Been Worse organization will have their first Skate For A Cure Event in Harlem, on 106st between 3rd and Lexington avenue. Scleroderma is a rare autoimmune disease characterized by abnormal connective tissue growth which can harden the skin. It can compromise everything from the heart, lungs, teeth, speech and body movement. Meka is an example of turning lemons into lemonade. Celebrities can receive endorsements and invite their wealthy friends to pay $1,000 for a plate. We are asking that you come out and donate $20 for a cause that is not mentioned on your news channels.  Not everybody who is battling in their body can muster up the strength to help others.  Urban Buzz Magazine is asking that you come on Sunday June 20th. It Couda Been Worse, slogan T-Shirts is a testament for all who have survived a matter not in their control.  

Temeka Nelson is very transparent in our interview. If you have ever had a diagnosis or if you have survived a life threatening situation.  This interview is designed to encourage and inform you about Scleroderma. Meka speaks of her tribe and family support as she has conquered the brunt of this disease. Meka’s contribution to the Scleroderma Community is continuous and endless.  She launched her own lotion line and donated the proceeds, she is one of Scleroderma’s sought out speakers and recently launched her clothing line It Couda Been Worse. Please take a few minutes to listen to her testimony.  She is joined by Janell Richardson, her partner and best friend on this journey. Many can be your friend when the sun shines everyday. However, there are few who will alter their life to care for another.  When you have a friend like that, it makes the journey of life easier to manage.  Janell Richardson is part of Meka’s healing tribe and business affairs contact. Tune in as Meka disclose the effects the pandemic had on her and how she made it through.  Temeka Nelson is seeking your support to help raise money for a cure.  Follow her on Instagram to learn more. Tune in to her podcast @Itcoudabeenworse_podcast on Thursdays.  Urban Buzz Magazine will be out on June 20th standing strong with It Couda Been Worse, so join us.  Scleroderma is a disease most people have never heard of.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Temkea Nelson better known as Meka.  You can connect with her on Instagram @Meka.17_.  June is Scleroderma Awareness Month.  If you live in New York, you can contact Scleroderma Tri-State website. PUSH PLAY


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