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Erica Campbell


By Nigeria Anderson

Doing The Soul Work

Erica Campbell, a multi-platinum Gospel singer, Grammy award winner, holds eight Stellar awards, Radio host and now Author, continues to inspire others through God’s love. Her new book  MORE THAN PRETTY: Doing the Soul Work that Uncovers Your True Beauty; uncovers the truth about doubt, low self-esteem, validation and being a Christian. With over 20 years in entertainment, Erica Campbell is able to enlighten many on how to keep God first.  Known to be transparent, Campbell has not escaped rumors and ridicule.  In More Than Pretty Erica Campbell confronts herself and shares a candid look at being more than a pretty image, by sharing tools on how to embrace who God made you to be.

In order to find out who God made us to be, we have to surrender and learn the Word of God. Nothing can fully prepare us for unexpected life turns.  In More Than Pretty Erica Campbell explains through her own experiences how to get a breakthrough. Celebrate you, know that God has equip you with everything good for doing His will.  The enemy’s plan against us is to make us believe we are not deserving or worthy. In our interview Erica Campbell provides some useful affirmations which are in her book. She encourages us on how to get past our worst experiences.  When you are a public figure it’s hard to evade public scrutiny even harder when it comes from the church. Welcome our new KeyPlayer Erica Campbell. Hear from someone who has been there and done that.  You can visit Erica Campbell on all social media platforms. PUSH PLAY 

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