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By Nigeria Anderson

Health and Fitness Guru Donna Richardson Releases Workout Video

Fitness and health expert, Donna Richardson, has released a workout DVD, Old School Dance Party.  Donna Richardson is an advocate of physical and mental well-being. For over 20 years, Donna Richardson has starred in over 30 workout videos, including best-selling Buns of Steel and the #1 inspirational workout Body Gospel, which helped inspire her to eventually produce her own  workout video.  Today Donna has released her own independent video title Old School Dance Party.  It is the first ever hip hop dance workout video which features a full live set by Sugarhill Gang in conjunction with an exercise routine, blending a live concert and dance party workout. Participants will be able to listen to fan favorites such as “8th Wonder,” “Rapper’s Delight,” and more all while breaking a sweat in the comfort of their own homes with fitness and health expert, Donna Richardson.  Old School Dance Party is available for $19.95. To learn more about Donna Richardson and purchase Old School Dance Party, please visit: www.donnarichardson.com

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Donna Richardson. If you ever had a dream that you thought was impossible to achieve, hear Donna’s testimony and encouraging words on how to get pass the stumbling blocks.  When you’ve worked so hard for others and desire to one day work for yourself, Donna is here to tell you not to give up. No matter the storm there is peace and reward at the end of that matter. So get moving and stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, you have a vision to fulfill emotionally, physically and spiritually. Welcome our new Key Player Donna Richardson.

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