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By Nigeria Anderson

Ethan Kent Sings God Is Good

Ethan Kent is a musician, songwriter, producer and singer.  He enjoys sharing what’s on his heart. Most of us have been emotionally drained coping with this global pandemic. However, it is in the midst of trouble we can lament for God to show up.  It is in that moment our cries causes us to triumphant and be victorious. Ethan Kent released a new single titled God Is Good. There are few guarantees in life but God Is Good is one you can count on.  God Is God is Ethan turning tragedy into a triumph of faith.  As Christians we understand that in the midst of a storm, Jesus shows up and can command peace. His song God Is Good was a response to his mother being hospitalized and due to the pandemic he was not able to visit.  He wrote God Is Good and had the nurses play it to comfort his mother. The song is a testimony we all should keep on repeat.

There is nothing better than hearing a song an artist had to walk through.  You have to know the Lord to trust Him in a critical situation. Ethan Kent is an example of holding God to His word.  When life changing circumstances and situations hit like a storm, God’s word is His standard to help us all get through. Ethan credits his relationship with the Lord, prayer and worship as a blueprint for his songs.  Ethan Kent has delivered a song to remind us we can trust the Lord. God Is Good comes from Ethan’s life experiences and I am sure all will enjoy it.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Ethan Kent.  Our interview is going to bless you so enjoy. You can connect with Ethan through his website https://ethankentonline.com/ and on Instagram at @EthanTKent. PUSH PLAY 


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