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Jackie Love


By Nigeria Anderson

Jackie Love Fashion Maven

I had the best conversation with the one and only Jacqueline Love, a.k.a Jackie Love who is Founder of J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette. Educating adults, children and special needs models on how to catwalk the runway. Students of J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette have graced fashion magazine covers, and are featured in various media outlets.  The mission of J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette is to provide an enriching experience for young models and cultivate a spirit of excellence in them. The etiquette acquired at the school is designed to equip models with tools necessary to become a force to be reckoned with in various facets of life, including but not limited to the entertainment and professional fields.  Jackie Love’s passion for fashion began at a young age.  She was fascinated by modeling at a young age.  Her talents landed her a gig in Paris and on various runways.  She has worked with the best of the best in the fashion industry.  J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette has earned many awards and acknowledgments over the years. 

J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette implemented an Autism division. They have successfully spread awareness and created an innovative platform for individuals with disabilities to display their talents as they grace the runway and print work like never seen before. Through astounding leadership skills, advocacy and consistency, Jackie Love has positively impacted the lives of many individuals.   J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette students have been featured in springtime in Paris fashion week, Kids Couture, Bryant Park, and Harlem fashion week.  Jackie Love’s career as a runway coach has made her sought after by top brands.  Her wisdom and advice to both parents and students have led to many successful careers.  Jackie Love knows J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette is her calling.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Jackie Love.  You can connect with her on IG @jacquelinelove097 PUSH PLAY.

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