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By Nigeria Anderson

KAT TAT Tattoo Extraordinaire

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with Kat Tat a female Tattoo Artist from Chicago and now in Beverly Hills.  Kat Tat whose passion for drawing positioned her to launched Enigma Tattoo in Beverly Hills. You may have seen her on Black Ink Crew Chicago featuring 9Mag Tattoo shop. Kat Tat’s art artistry have marked many including celebrities. She is one of the most sought after female Tattoo Artist. We celebrate with her opening Enigma Tattoo in Beverly Hills. In our conversation Kat shares how she did not allow challenges to stop her from launching out on her own. Her moto, Everything Is Possible.

Most can relate to a Tattoo being a male macho thing. Who knew women would not only get tattoos but open up shop. Enigma Tattoo will represent Kat Tat’s true talent of artistry. Her eye for detail is undeniable. If I wasn’t such a scaredy-cat about tattoos, I definitely would let Kat do mine.  Kat Tat is an incredible tattoo artist with a very credible resume. Known for her portrait work, Kat’s tattoo art is a lifestyle, she takes seriously. Her standard is simple body art, which she can be proud of as well as her clients. Hear her story about one of her favorite tattoos. For anyone considering this field of work, let Kat Tat encourage you to go after your dreams. Welcome our new KeyPlayer Kat Tat. She can reach at Kat@KatTatGirl.com. Or visit www.kattatgirl.com.



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